City Budget

Elect Sheila Gilmour Mayor of Greenfield, MA.

A budget is a moral document. We have an obligation to ensure that our residents enjoy a safe, healthy, vibrant community without becoming cost-burdened. We need to carefully balance our finances to assure that residents continue to receive the high-quality services they deserve at the most affordable price. To do this we must:

  • Expand our tax base by attracting more business to Greenfield
  • Invest in departments that can spur economic growth, including Recreation and Economic Development
  • Offset our expenditures by seeking alternate funding sources including grants and increased state funding
  • Make wise investments in our infrastructure that save money over the long term

We need to commit to adequately funding all city departments and support reasonable capital requests to maintain our quality of life and prevent unexpected expenses. To do this responsibly we need to:

  • Draft a comprehensive replacement plan for city-owned vehicles and equipment
  • Carefully maintain city-owned property to avoid deterioration and costly repairs
  • Continue to make incremental repairs to roads, sidewalks, and guardrails
  • Prevent budgeting shortfalls by providing stable funding for our public schools
  • Reduce overtime expenses by fully staffing city departments