Economic Development

Elect Sheila Gilmour Mayor of Greenfield, MA.

Sustainable Economic Development

Greenfield needs to grow its tax base so we can provide residents with the services and quality of life we deserve. We need to nurture the right kind of conditions to attract a healthy mix of industry, retail, and services. To achieve this we must:

  • Revisit outdated zoning laws that hamper healthy growth
  • Expand mixed-use zoning to better leverage existing infrastructure
  • Work to attract green businesses with a special focus on renewable energy
  • Expand GCET to residential and commercial districts that are not yet covered
  • Work with the state, FRCOG, and FRTA to improve public transportation options
  • Promote homegrown businesses through pop-ups and outdoor markets
  • Support local agriculture and food processing businesses — new and established/growing
  • Support downtown’s cultural and entertainment attractions through marketing, business resources, and incentives

Tax incentives for businesses are paid for by our residents and often do not benefit the municipality or its residents as much as the businesses themselves. Such incentives should be offered rarely and only to businesses who:

  • Offer a living wage and provide benefits to all employees
  • Prioritize environmental stewardship
  • Foster positive relationships with all community members  
  • Demonstrate a commitment to remaining in Greenfield long term

Businesses, such as worker-owned cooperatives and small start-ups are often ineligible for tax incentives, which tend to favor large manufacturers and established corporations. Greenfield should provide resources to small businesses including:

  • Easy access to relevant information on licensure requirements, funding opportunities, etc.
  • Knowledgeable, accessible staff in critical roles including public health and building inspections
  • Assistance with grant and loan applications
  • Marketing for our downtown cultural district
  • Support existing resources such as the Franklin County Community Development Corporation