Public Education

Elect Sheila Gilmour Mayor of Greenfield, MA.

Strong public schools are the foundation of a strong community. To ensure that we provide the children of Greenfield with the first rate education they deserve, we must:

  • Expand access to early childhood education with a goal of universal pre-K
  • Cultivate our fledgling civics education curriculum
  • Increase opportunities for hands-on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education
  • Support academic achievement by promoting art, music, and athletic programs
  • Build age-appropriate service learning and leadership development opportunities in partnership with GCC and local nonprofits
  • Promote healthy habits and support local agriculture by partnering with local farmers to provide fresh produce for our cafeterias
  • Maintain transportation services for students who do not live within walking distance of their school
  • Create a safe environment for all students through ongoing conflict resolution and anti-bullying programs
  • Offer small alternative-focus programs within the middle and high school to better engage students, decrease truancy and dropouts, and attract students from other school districts through school choice

Our students are best served when we support our educators and give them the resources they need. It is our obligation to:

  • Work collaboratively with the school committee and city council to create a realistic budget that supports the educational needs of our students
  • Provide educators with access to relevant, ongoing professional development opportunities
  • Fully fund our school libraries and ensure that each school library has a librarian
  • Hire education support professionals to assist students who struggle with reading and mathematics
  • Ensure our schools have the appropriate staff and resources for special education students and English language learners

While we can have a direct effect on many aspects of our public schools, many of these issues are governed by the state. We need to collaborate with Senator Jo Comerford and Representative Paul Mark to accomplish the following:

  • Increase public education funding for rural communities like Greenfield
  • Provide local oversight, accountability, and transparency for charter schools
  • Advocate for more recess time for elementary and middle school students
  • Implement a moratorium on high-stakes testing