Public Services and Infrastructure

Elect Sheila Gilmour Mayor of Greenfield, MA.

Greenfield must continue to provide excellent services to all of our residents. To remain effective and responsive to public needs, our Department of Public Works (DPW) and other City services must remain under public control and should not be privatized.

Our city employees work hard for our residents and they deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. We owe it to them to bargain in faith, honor their contracts, and provide them with the resources they need, including:

  • Respectful work environments, free of discrimination and bullying
  • Relevant professional development opportunities and training
  • Full staffing, adequate resources, and safe working conditions

Greenfield should be an accessible, welcoming community. Nearly 12% of Greenfield residents under the age of 65 live with a disability, in comparison to almost 8% of residents statewide. While not all disabilities require the same types of accommodations, there are several measures we can take to increase accessibility:

  • Require that accessible housing units be included in all new housing development
  • Explore options to upgrade and retrofit existing housing stock to increase accessibility
  • Properly maintain our sidewalks and crosswalks to keep them free of tripping hazards
  • Make upgrades to public buildings and outdoor amenities to bring them into compliance with ADA standards

We need to develop long-range capital plans to anticipate future needs including:

  • Upgrading to our waste water treatment plant
  • Replacing aging DPW and emergency response vehicles
  • Begin purchasing our own school vehicles in accordance with the Sustainable Master Plan
  • Making capital improvements to city-owned buildings and infrastructure